The Great Sporting Tour

Major Sports Events 


In 2006 I had the brainwave to visit all 92 Football League Grounds, Test and County Cricket venues and Rugby League Clubs. For a while, too, I've been 'collecting' visits to Major Sporting Events and as some of these are difficult and expensive to get tickets for, I've included ones I'd done before 2006.

As with the other sporting tours, it's not just about a sporting event. It's a social trip - even my wife gets an outing here - and, of course, many of them are National Institutions. The other thing that's different on this part of the tour is that I've actually taken part in a couple of the events.

So Far ...                                      

2002  British Grand Prix 

2003  Commonwealth Games 

2003  London Marathon                          

2003  Wimbledon                                    

2004  World Snooker Championships       

2008  Grand National                               

2008  British Open (Golf)                          

2009  Twickenham    

2010  Great North Run

2015    Murrayfield

2015    The Epsom Derby 


To Do List...                       


World Darts

Six Nations Rugby

The Boat Race

Championship Boxing

etc. etc.                             


Guests of the Tour





                                     Mr W

                                     Mr C




                                     Liz & Dom

                                                           Dom's Mum & Dad

                                            Dan's Gemma & parents 

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